We built this place with two purposes mainly. One of giving our visitors an idea about Aceh, its architecture, its nature, its people and its history, its beliefs and its traditions. The other purpose, and maybe this one was the biggest driver, and still is our highest motivation, was that we wanted to bring something to this precious and unique Island of Weh, mostly because of its people, it's very changing and adaptive nature and people's and innate beauty.

We care therefore to create as many job opportunities as possible and use local manpower (accepting the inherent limitations that this choice would bring). We care to bring you closer to this fascinating culture as well as we care to give the opportunity to the local people to know other cultures. We care to promote peace in this once very turbolent region of Indonesia. We care to support local artists through music, visual arts and performances and give them an opportunity, a stage to meet an international public. We care to support local artisans still holding that almost lost memory of the traditional tools, the constructions, and the ties those things have to their culture.

Because of this choices the quality of the construction/maintenance works resents at times and the overall sector-profissionalism of the work force behind all this project suffers at times from lack of appropriate knowledge or at time ignorance and limited skills. We are sorry for that but we do our best when possible.

Casa Nemo hires mostly people in distress, with particular attention to women single-headed households, orphans, and young people with little future but sufficient skills, for positive accomplishments.

Casa Nemo has a family-style management and has involved the surrounding community since its beginning. The staff is mainly from the island of Pulau Weh itself. The place’s infrastructure and landscaping has been built only by local manpower and unless impossible otherwise all materials have been purchased locally. All bungalows have proper septic tanks so to protect the beach and the environment from possible contamination. Drainages have been built and the number of trees have been increased, creating thus more biodiversity for both the local flora and the fauna, that went through difficult times during the colonization period and the coconut plantations development. This was also meant to reduce the ongoing and at times disastrous soil erosion particular of costal areas.

Casa Nemo won this recognition as a resorts that continuously support the sustainable development of the tourism sector in Indonesia 🇮🇩 . Thanks to the ministry of tourism and culture of the republic of Indonesia, our beloved family and friends and our team for the great achievement. We are very proud.❤ stay humble and keep on sharing love to the world 🌍.