Pulau Weh is famous for its world’s first class diving sites. Its underwater world is as precious as the land beauty you” observe during you stay. If you like water adventures, this is the best place to start, to continue or to confirm diving is a really special experience.

There are several schools that offer daily trips as well as courses.
Fun dives, shore dives and night dives can be arranged with the local dive schools.

Monster Divers offers free transport from and to Casa Nemo for diving. Good prices and new equipment. Monster Divers offers PADI courses in English, Spanish and Indonesian.
For contact: info@monsterdivers.com · Monster Divers


As the coastal beauty of Sabang lies mostly on its beaches and its world class diving sites, marine life is incredibly developed and partly already protected (several protected marine parks have been inaugurated recently) to ensure its sustainability. For this reason it is not rare to find amazing snorkeling spots.

Upon request Casa Nemo can help its guests organizing such adventurous trips, which are highly recommended as most of the island life is affected by its sea and its fishing activities.

The front beach at Casa Nemo is also an excellent place for snorkeling. Just 30-40 meters out of the coastline there are precious reefs hosting an incredible variety of corals and fish.

A stand up paddle, as well as snorkeling gear can be rented in Casa Nemo.


Renting a motorbike or traveling by becak (local sidecar accommodating up to 4 people) or hiring a car can be an excellent opportunity to travel around the island and visit the volcano, a nice waterfall, where you can swim, and which take you through a nice walk through the well preserved original rainforest, or venture into villages and stop for a coffee at a local warung (coffee shop), where you certainly will meet local people happy to meet you and have a small chat, or visit the historical places as the japanese cemetery, the Dutch graves, or those of the first world war, observe the Dutch colonial building that still charm the city feeling, observe the Chinese influence in the markets, the architecture… but not the life style of the Pulau Weh people. Don’t forget to stop along the main road of Sabang to taste the excellent local recipes.

Ask for maps or for more detailed information at the reception of Casa Nemo if you need.