Where we are

Casa Nemo is situated in Pantai Sumur Tiga (Three wells beach) which is located in I Meulee on the East side of Sabang city, the capital of Pulau Weh (Weh Island).

Pulau Weh is part of the Aceh Province, which is located on the Northern tip of the big island of Sumatra, Indonesia.


From the port of Sabang, which is situated in the city of Balohan, to Casa NEMO it takes around 20 minutes with a public bus. Transportation is always available at arrival (local Labi-Labi). It can otherwise be arranged directly with the reservation. Casa Nemo Offers a pick up service from and to the ferry (the rates are fixed according to the local taxi cooperative).

25’000-30’000 Rp. Balohan-Sumur Tiga-Balohan or Airport-Casa Nemo, shared Taxi, per person, one way
100’000 Rp. Balohan-Sumur Tiga, private Taxi, one or two person, one way

The Ferry

The Ferry’s time table (daily schedule, time might be change in Public Holidays, Peak season, New Year, Eid day Muslim Festival)

Banda Aceh-Sabang
Passenger fast ferries daily at 09:30 (am) and at 16:00 (4pm, one hour trip) and cargo (trucks, cars, motorbikes and passengers) slow ferry at 10:30 (pm) and 16:00 (4pm, two hours trip)

Sabang-Banda Aceh
Passenger ferries daily at 08:00 (am) and at 14:30 (2.30pm, one hour trip) and cargo (trucks, cars, motorbikes and passengers) slow ferry at 08:00 (am)  and 13:30 (1:30pm two hours trip)

National flights

Jakarta and Medan to Sabang

3 times a week : Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Medan-Sabang at 08:50 and Sabang-Medan at 10:40

Jakarta and Medan to Banda Aceh

International flights

Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh

Local travel agents

  • Gadeng Wisata : 0813 77 10 33 47
  • Adhi Travel : 0813 77 166 9 88
  • Krueng Wayla Travel : 0651- 22066/ 638777
  • Alsa Travel : 0651- 31275
  • Cendana Tour : 0651- 638733/ 638734