Casa Nemo have three different venues in which you can order and eat food as well sip drinks. The Pizzeria/Bakery located in the upper part of the land, facing the village road, next to the reception and on the back of the SPA, the Restaurant located in the middle of the natural amphitheater overlooking the beach and the sea on which sits Casa Nemo and finally the “Speak Easy Bar” located on the terrace hanging over the beach.

The Pizzeria/Bakery (Every day from 06:30-23:00 (11pm))

It provides our Italian pizza (the recipe comes through generations of “pizzaioli” from southern Italy), the bread you’ll find freshly baked at breakfast and some desserts. These delicacies are delivered to both other venues if requested.

The Restaurant (every day 07:30-22:00)

It serves international as well as local cuisine. The main concentration is the fresh fish on grill, but the menu offers a variety of Italian, international and local dishes too. All items are also delivered to the Speak Easy Bar.

The buffet breakfast is served here and starts at 07:30 and closes at 10:00, every day.

The House hosting the restaurant is built following the traditional Acehnese style with some modern adaptations in the windows for better light distribution. It sits on pillars and it’s elevated from the ground. Acehnese motives are carved under the roof side openings. For groups, we can organize special meals as long as requests are made in advance. Please order in advance for special menu, special events. In principle everything can be arranged.
The Restaurant can accommodate up to 25-30 people.

The Speak Easy Bar (every day 12:00-23:00 and occasionally 24:00 ;-))

This bar offers the full menu of the Restaurant as well as drinks, tropical juices, healthy coconut water, mocktails and cocktails and some music too.

Special Offers

Casa Nemo can organize special decorations, romantic diners and beach buffets/parties, as well as special menu sets upon request.

All our venues welcome outside guests as well